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Patient-Focused CRM

Patients today expect ever better services, which puts pressure on healthcare companies to enhance service delivery while reducing complexity for patients and healthcare companies alike. Healthcare companies need solutions that improve service delivery and patient satisfaction and would also enable them to target specific patient needs with customized outreach.

In addition to supplying quality care, Rikas Medical continue to look for methods to increase patient satisfaction and assist patients in proactively controlling their health. This is the key reason why Rikas Medical is implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to assist our patients to better plan and manage their health care interactions, costs, and benefits.

Our business is built on relationships, and we are now doing a more satisfactory job of retaining our patients, because, more often than not, we are able to identify their needs before they are able to. We have been in a position to provide our patients with same-day response, reducing waiting times that occasionally used to be quite long.

Knowledge-driven health care through patient-focused CRM connects our patients and processes, enhancing collaboration for more efficient interaction with the patients and situation management. We are able to empower our staff to supply enhanced services to a broader patient community, promote good health, and enhance patient well-being while strengthening relationships and controlling the cost of services.

Our patients can usually benefit from a well-recognized, uniform, and enhanced CRM solution that needs less knowledge on their side. Going for a patient relationship management approach, we have moved beyond dealing with cases of illness all the way up to enabling positive care by creating productive, long-term ties with patients.


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  • Patient-Focused CRM

    Posted 2016-07-15

    Patients today expect ever better services, which puts pressure on healthcare companies to enhance service delivery while reducing complexity for patients. Healthcare companies need solutions that improve patient satisfaction.


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